list some alternatives for html frames

"frames are evil," but they can be used well and are good options for special circumstances. That is, they use frames to allow them to use a single HTML file for navigation across their entire website. Other state laws require judges to give "indeterminate sentences." Using is how we instruct the webpage to divide it into frames The tag defines which HTML document should open as frame. Then consider "augmenting" it by offering some enhancements as alternatives which replace a simpler construct in some browsing situations. These are: There are small devices (mobile or other smartphones) that cannot cope with the size and features of frames mostly because these device-screens aren't large enough for making this splitting up, which is done by . To simplify your life, here’s a rule of thumb: if you use FRAME also use FRAME … ), but a java applet (I'm praying you have a good reason for using it) not reloading might be a good reason. This is the second part of the frames tutorial (please read the first part if you have not already) and will guide you through some of the alternatives to frames, such as < iframe >, layer and < object >. The