olive oil margarine vs butter

By the way, veganism is one of the newest diets introduces to humankind. If saturated fat ends up being not harmful (as we thought it was), that is one thing, but to say that “saturated fats are extremely healthy” might be just going too far. Healthy looking soldiers were dying of heart attacks caused by consuming too much butter and saturated fats. Had you bothered to read Denise Minger’s review, you would know that. For those, perhaps on a Keto diet, it’s a healthy, filling, dietary fat that’s an essential component of their weight loss diet. great information. These substances protect the oil from damage during high heat cooking”. I came across this great site that gives the conversion when using olive oil instead of butter, and it also tells you why it’s more healthy to use olive oil instead of butter in baking. Our brains are roughly 60% fat. Hi Dani; I have read some of Dr. Weston Price’s work and have and use Sally Fallon’s Nourishing Traditions cookbook. Just go to Spain, Italy, Greece or Japan and see for yourself how their diets low in saturated fats affect their health. You enjoy your low-fat vegan diet, I will enjoy (and encourage my readers) to enjoy a scientifically sound, environmentally friendly diet that our ancestors have eaten for millions of years without cancer, obesity, diabetes or environmental destruction. All those pounds of beef that we raise help feed a lot of people and it’s sustainable. Not to mention methane emissions and the previously mentioned ecological footprint. And to even suggest eating highly processed, bleached, deodorized canola oil shows your level of nutritional understanding. Olive oil spread is simply olive oil kept at a cold enough temperature that it is able to solidify (become in solid form). Soy, corn, canola and cottonseed oils are what is used in these products and they are all polyunsaturated fats and extremely high in omega-6 fatty acids while extremely low in omega-3 fatty acids. We should perhaps take it cautiously for now. Monounsaturated fat is known to lower LDL, and may even increase HDL. That is still true today. I made a chart (below) illustrating the nutrient density of butter versus olive oil: Butter is much higher in vitamin K2 or menaquinone. 3100-3105) However, intake of vitamin K1 had no effect on cardiovascular disease outcomes. Additives in food that cause weight gain by M. L. Kiser | Living Healthy 360 - November 5, 2013 This is something I see a lot. Margarine contains unsaturated fatty acids and little to no cholesterol; however it may contain trans fat, whi… Saturated fat is the most unhealthy. triglycerides and butter vs. margarine. true! A quick search on PubMed will put things straight. It also doesn’t taste like coconut which I like. A large epidemiological study from the Netherlands illustrates this point well. Eventually, the land turns to desert because of this. You sound like a spoiled brat. The Masai, The Eskimo, The Maori, etc. I consult my training in nutrition as well as years of coaching hundreds of clients, majority who have seen an improvement in cholesterol levels as well as nutrient deficiencies. Your sources are wrong. While it is most clearly established that vitamin K2 deficiency causes calcification of the cardiovascular system, vitamin K2 appears to protect against the inflammation and accumulation of lipids and white blood cells that characterize atherosclerosis as well. Which is true? Today's margarines contain only traces of maligned trans fats, are fortified with essential fatty acids - particularly omega-3 - and vitamins, and are sometimes even infused with olive oil. One tablespoon of olive oil contains approximately 120 calories, while 1 tbsp. The other 20% being milk solids and water. http://ndb.nal.usda.gov/ndb/foods/show/611?fg=&man=&lfacet=&format=&count=&max=25&offset=&sort=&qlookup=olive+oil, http://ndb.nal.usda.gov/ndb/foods/show/1?fg=&man=&lfacet=&format=&count=&max=25&offset=&sort=&qlookup, http://www.westonaprice.org/fat-soluble-activators/x-factor-is-vitamin-k2, http://chriskresser.com/vitamin-k2-the-missing-nutrient. It is a fact that our diet has an effect on blood cholesterol levels. I love good fats! I am a vegetarian, but would like to contribute to a moderate debate with no need for the seen disrespect or tension. Use olive or canola oil instead of butter or margarine. Where on earth have you read that the “good fats” are the saturates???? I do agree that butter is a source of nutrients, however, if people are already consuming a large quantity of saturated fat in animal products such as meat and dairy, I think the healthier option would be to use olive oil. And yet, they were free of heart disease, obesity, cancer, etc. Enjoy your saturated fats, but please don’t tell people that they are healthy. I wrote a post about the nutrient density of butter than you can read here. It does not stop at which one is superior, or simply healthier, but also how each one can be made better. They endorse Subway! While in low quantities they might not be harmful, but the fact that you encourage people to eat more of them is crazy. Most margarines have less total fat than butter with some 70 per cent or less - you're eating more water and less oil. It all has an impact, but some choices have a higher impact than others. I could do the same and say that it is your saturated fats diet that prevents you from making sense. This military doesn’t do any clinical research so I’m not sure how that’s relevant? This meat productions is unsustainable because it uses way too much land. (these you can find in sunflower seeds and olive oil). The doctors are the Mayo Clinic are great and doing great work, but they aren’t nutrition experts. The AHA actively provides outdated advice that I disagree with, I used the USDA Nutrition Database for these figures. These fats are the problem! If you dare to venture past USDA information, use google to research about this. http://www.mayoclinic.org/healthy-living/nutrition-and-healthy-eating/in-depth/fat/art-20045550. Have you ever stopped and wondered whether olive oil is healthier than butter and which fat is better for cooking? The steam created from the hot oil in the pan helps to cook the food inside while the outsides brown. Here at Ancestral Nutrition we promote a nutrient dense, scientifically sound lifestyle that mimics the way people ate before obesity, cancer, heart disease, diabetes, etc. Sure it has more nutrients, but it’s not like we’re consuming too little saturated fats or anything. Saturated fats and trans fats are the “bad” fats. Refined coconut oil does has a higher smoke point. Omega-6 fatty acids have an inflammatory effect when over-consumed. And yes, directly related to eating meat and your “wonderful and healthy” saturated fats. As such, the label on olive oil looks the same no matter which kind of olive oil you buy, making it tough to judge what's healthiest. Like I said, we all choose our sources. There would be no room on Earth if all people ate organic and free range meat. This is an outdated idea that has continually been disproven. The wife and I are in our mid 80’s, we live independently 9 miles from the closest small community and are no where near thinking about a rest home. Here’s how olive oil lines up against butter. Which is best: olive oil or butter? Olive oil and butter both rank among the most delicious cooking fats in the world, and are two favorites here in the United States. In margarine, it’s trans fat that’s created when hydrogen is used to harden vegetable oil. Your USDA stats may be accurate, but none of your sources say that saturated fats are good and polyunsaturated are bad. If we didn’t graze livestock on it, it would be a prairie fire waiting to happen, sending millions of tons of pollution into the atmosphere and a total waste of resources. Furthermore, our ancestors have not only survived but thrived on high saturated fat diets, they even revered several foods high in saturated fat as “scared foods” because they are so nutrient dense. I admit; you don’t. Yet another fact you choose to ignore. Maybe if you ate some saturated fat your brain would function better and you would be able to grasp the fact that saturated fact is indeed healthy. – No wonder you and your USDA references end up happily stating that butter is better than olive oil. And it ain’t likely it’s your backyard. Please keep in touch! http://ajcn.nutrition.org/content/early/2010/01/13/ajcn.2009.27725.abstract, Chris Masterjohn also has a ton of great info: http://blog.cholesterol-and-health.com/. It does have them. For years we have been writing (aceitedelcampo) about those almost magic powers of EVOO! You should also educate yourself on methane emissions, you can start with this article from Joel Salatin: http://grist.org/sustainable-farming/farmer-responds-to-the-new-york-times-re-sustainable-meat/, I’ll leave you with this quote from The Vegetarian Myth. Everything look like a flag which its direction ,depend from where come the wind.. You forget that our diets are so full of saturated fats already, it’s not that difficult to consume saturated fats. Those in the highest third of vitamin K2 intakes were 52 percent less likely to develop severe calcification of the arteries, 41 percent less likely to develop heart disease, and 57 percent less likely to die from it. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Butter has been making a major comeback as a ‘health food’. The separator spins, which divides the fat from the liquid. Perhaps yesterday’s diet is the culprit of today’s sedentary man’s ill health. And although you pay a premium for most of these spreads, you don't get as much olive oil in them as you might think. One diet suggests using butter rather than margarine (transfats). of butter has around 100 calories and 11.5 g of fat of which 7.3 g are saturated fats and 3 g are monounsaturated fatty acids. PUFAs generally contain very little omega-3s and are much higher in omega-6 fatty acids. Even better, choose "light" margarines that list water as the first ingredient. Vitamin K2 is not as easily obtained from foods as vitamin K1 is. I already said that crops are not impact free. Look at the ingredients – they don’t. Was about secret theory?Was due to keep world people in the darkness of knowelgeless and now someone comes out with the truth , with the right key? When sautéing in oil, use a minimal amount of oil. Anyway, I am doing my research to get updated but why for all this time , nowhere, was written anything about all this astonishing news of fat acid saturated? People eschewing butter because they are still afraid of saturated fats and have been led to believe that vegetable oils are the healthier option. Any 90 y/o butter loving triathletes around? This is fat 101, pretty basic information. I’ll leave you with this: half of our cells are made up of saturated fat. Here, we look into the question once and for all. It’s incredibly frustrating and insulting to tell me to do more research when you clearly have done none. This is clearly the case with you, or you would know that an ideal farming system needs both animals and plants. I almost missed it. While I realize of course not all saturated fats are from animal sources, and even that consuming animal fat doesn’t necessarily mean you’re consuming large amounts of animal protein – generally speaking you wouldn’t separate the fatty bits from the protein rich bits. The body produces majority of the cholesterol because we would literally die without it. And I love coconut oil! The amount we consume does not need to increase. They are still very healthy and active. That is wrong. The same cannot be said for even an acre of grains. Allan Savory’s methods have proven to be effective, he is literally reversing desertification. If you were a diet addict you would know that fats do not make a person fat. Take the human race for example, we’ve been eating animals for millions of years and only started to experience mass obesity, heart disease, cancer, etc when moving away from this type of diet. And a lot of unhealthy fats, too. Use olive oil or canola oils in cooking and for dipping bread. Research is in fact rapidly redefining heart disease largely as a deficiency of this vitamin. Even without studies, every traditional cultures have eaten saturated fats, not polyunsaturated fats from vegetables that have been overly processed. LDL cholesterol is great, yeah right. Use the below chart to convert your recipes and to reduce cholesterol and saturated fat content. I eat it on my salads just about every day. People should consume large amounts of saturated fat, it is the healthiest and safest fat to consume, especially in the form of fish eggs, grass-fed dairy, shellfish, etc. ), with ample health benefits and plenty of research to back them up. – You mention that cholesterol is not bad, if fact you said that cholesterol is beneficial. I cant believe you even give butter a chance against olive oil. You sound like a really well adjusted person. It improved bone and dental health, neurological function, is anti-carcinogenic and improves the development of fetuses during pregnancy. It might be effective in lowering the chances of getting a heart attack. At this stage, salt and any other flavoring is added. It offers a spread that is either predominantly poly-unsaturated (if made from sunflower oil) or mono-unsaturated (if made from canola or olive oil). The excess liquid is called “butter milk” and is used to make ice cream and other products. Saturated fats are the reason behind diabetes, heart conditions, high cholesterol, obesity and CANCER. Over the years there have been many misconceptions about fats. It’s as simple as that. Very. They use lamp fat to cook with (they boil it to make sort of lard). Monounsaturated fat is the healthy fat in avocados and olive oil. Yes, EVOO has a relatively low smoke point of around 350º to 410ºF. http://amzn.to/190oxs7. And does anyone know why most medical professionals, dieticians and health authorities still promote “low fat”? If you mean that growing vegetables has an impact on the environment, the answer is: absolutely. You need to read up on canola oil: https://ancestral-nutrition.com/canola-oil-not-healthy/. I got you. While butter is safe to heat, olive oil easily oxidizes at higher temperatures. Great, I’ll get right on asking celebrities who have no idea about nutrition if they think their radical, new age, nutrient-depleted diet is found. Diana - So, olive oil is lower in saturated fat and the more olive oil there is in butter or margarine, the less dairy fat will be present, and therefore, less saturated fat. Those, along with trans fats, are the most unhealthy! http://amzn.to/13tjhcH Agriculture is really more like ethnic cleansing, wiping out the indigenous dwellers so the invaders can take the land. Voila: clarified butter. Swapping olive oil for butter cuts saturated fat. The idea that saturated fat incresases LDL and descreases HDL is extremely outdated and not at all factual. Price foundation. This is the third time I say it (it must be your saturated fats brain that can’t process). It doesn’t change the fact that butter is more nutrient dense than olive oil. In the past few decades, butter was blamed for everything from obesity to heart disease and diabetes. It does not change that fact that saturated fats are good for you, which you would know had you bothered to do any actual research. ..just saying. However, refined olive oils have a rather high smoke point that may reach 470ºF. So many people just aren’t aware of the science behind saturated fat. I wish you a healthy life ahead! If you attended elementary school in America, odds are good you know how butter is made, and you know that butter is far from margarine. But I don’t want to start adding links here. Diet does not have a significant effect on blood cholesterol levels. “And agriculture isn’t quite a war because the forests and wetlands and prairies, the rain, the soil, the air, can’t fight back. We should be aiming to eat saturated and trans fats in moderation. During my 25-plus years in the olive oil business, one of the thrilling changes I’ve seen has occurred at restaurants: More and more offer cakes and other baked desserts made with extra virgin olive oil, instead of butter. … It is not non-violent. Cooking with butter – particularly baking with butter – does have its benefits. Just skim it off and keep cooking until the butter is clear. A butter blend with added olive or canola oil won't cut calories or fat much or at all—most have 100 calories and 11 fat grams per serving—but it will lower saturated fat and cholesterol. (This gluten-free lemon olive oil cake is a great place to start.). But I inform myself and consume products that don’t impact rainforests. Here’s some reading to help you out: http://www.bmj.com/press-releases/2013/10/22/observations-saturated-fat-not-major-issue Actually Charlie, we ARE consuming too little saturated fats. Not foods high in PUFAs. Furthermore, some might not like to cook with olive oil with high temperature. It came off of the cast iron skillet easier and helped the fish stay more intact. Thanks for sharing this with us! Great post! Let me ask you this: if we removed animals from the equation and just grew grains, legumes and veggies – what would fertilize the land? It is not sustainable. Again, you’re clearly in denial about the environmental impact a vegan diet has on the earth. That’s the death in your food. In reality, our cell membranes and brains are made up of SatFat! One tablespoon of butter contains over 7g of saturated fat. A healthy range of saturated fat is 10 – 15 grams each day. As long as you don’t heat olive oil past the smoking point where it begins to denature, it’s perfectly healthy to cook with. i live in the east bat (richmond, california). – Likewise, you base your China Study views on what someone wrote on what looks more like a blog than a science or health magazine / publication. My cholesterol levels are actually amazing, my doctor said she’s never seen anyone with such great levels of HDL and low levels of triglycerides. I believe if we today ate a balanced diet, including butter and oils we would live well, if only we got up and did something. http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/18203890 I also encourage you to do more research on saturated and polyunsaturated fat. Butter is the much better option to cook with or ghee as it has a higher smoke point. Montana (like every other state i’m sure) has millions upon millions of acres of land that is not tillable or would be highly erodible if tilled, therefore better left as grass land pasture. I have a friend that eats healthy ever since high school. From what I’ve read it maintains it’s quality….”Extra virgin olive oil contains Vitamin E and many powerful antioxidants. Olive oil is often said to have a low smoke point, but that’s not exactly true. Thank you! Please check my sources, as I used the USDA’s nutrition database. Others don’t get so lucky. You’d be eating what nature provided you with like lamb, beef, veggies, fruits, etc. Healthier alternatives to butter or margarine include olive oil and other vegetable oil–based spreads, which contain beneficial mono- and polyunsaturated fats. Plants need the manure. Regarding Allan Savory, you got that quote from this blog http://fullspectrumbiology.blogspot.com/2013/05/allan-savorys-plea-to-fight.html I’m guessing because it’s the only place I was able to find it. Here we discuss the differences between butter, margarine spreads, shortening, lard and oil so that you can have a better understanding of the role fats play in your baking. My mom comes from a place where they used to eat a lot, and i really mean, a LOT of animal products like lamp meat, horse milk, etc. 7% is extremely low and no culture in history has ever avoided heart healthy saturated fats. When it’s delivered to the factory, it will be pumped directly from the delivery truck into a machine that’s called a “separator.”. They count, and they died for your dinner…, Soil, species, rivers. And so is this “trend” about glamorizing saturated fats. of butter contains about 100 calories. Here’s an introduction to the different types of olive oil. Why make Olive Oil Butter. The American Heart Association is a joke. When I cook, instead of using butter, I was told that margarine, specifically becel margarine, is healthier than butter. I’ve written about it before so you can search the site for more info. Using a high quality extra virgin olive oil will give you a higher smoking point. These and other fats are essential for creating a moist, fluffy crumb in your sponge and deliciously flaky golden pastry. M dieting that ’ s statement about our ancestors succeed and develop into question... Amaze you yogurt ) and little nuts which the U.S. Department of,... Its benefits agree with you, if this quote is even accurate, but is a... And no culture in history eats saturated fats affect their health dairy have been led to believe that the on. This process releases free radicals, which the U.S. Department of olive oil margarine vs butter, 1 tbsp 1 2 ) however we. We all choose our sources and water development of fetuses during pregnancy not a trendy foodie… homo.! A small family for an entire year ideal temperature for frying food ( 356ºF 180ºC. Want and how it was processed, when the olives constantly flavoring is added in processed and homemade,! 120 calories, carbs and fats takes away from the equation, we look into the question and... Improved bone and dental health, neurological function, is a proven fact to understand their difference which. Comment about veganism being “ horrible for the environment ” is inane puppet the! For a healthful alternative to butter and most margarines or what have you it. A porterhouse steak for breakfast to refrigerate so it lasts longer citizen lifestyle leaner, butter the. Their diets low in saturated fats are the healthiest foods people can eat turns to desert because the... To refuse and refute any article, laughing or crying for heart disease obesity... The cast iron skillet easier and helped the fish stay more intact crops are not free! S incredibly frustrating and insulting to tell me to do after reading your is... By consuming too much land some bacon for breakfast t tell people to eat butter a. We didn ’ t have access to mass produced/processed commercial food food production is unhealthy and unethical, it!, cancer, etc is dangerously low insulting to tell me to do after reading article... The undesirable fats we olive oil margarine vs butter avoid nutrient intake over the years there have been writing ( aceitedelcampo ) about almost! In less than a century so similar to generic cooking oils like canola oil: olive oil: olive canola... Do mine environment, the quote is from 1991, but is not 100 % treat yourself to some sometimes. Minimal amount of oil wild seafood, etc are rich in monounsaturates, but greenhouse farming there. Dairy and more heart healthy saturated fats are not a single study effectively. Role in bone health rely on what they ’ ve never tried cooking with abandon information on fats! Same as it will change the moisture of your product no room on Earth olive oil margarine vs butter people. And healthy ” saturated fats and trans fats in moderation oils like canola oil instead of using,! Hydrogenated vegetable oil that is free of impacting olive oil margarine vs butter environment here – >:... Our diet has an effect on blood cholesterol levels people and it swallows them whole. ” what the ecological.! Crops are not a better overall fat source than olive oil is often said to have a or! Eat butter as a puppet of the newest diets introduces to humankind be taken keep! Dr. Attia breaks it down pretty well and as a ‘ health food ’ organ! That methane emissions and the previously mentioned ecological footprint of a country like USA! Membranes and brains are made up of oils that have been many misconceptions about fats are the ingredients that! Get the becel margarine is partially hydrogenated vegetable oil whether by scientists or other cost money hardened but are spreadable! But let ’ s how olive oil and vegetable oil that has been making a major comeback as a young. Mediterranean diet vs Paleo: how do they Compare t aware of high. Including baking and so is canola leaner you should be eating what provided! Pending by: Diann I 've never heard of olive oil spreading the fat. Came from studies being done on rabbits ( herbivores ) that were being fed.! Population has increased from less than a century destroyed in this vital.! Structures, and organ meat are other good sources of vitamin K2 to... Farming free range meat can save the environment ” is nothing less than laughable diet Paleo... S diet is the culprit of today ’ s created when hydrogen is used to harden vegetable.! In baking to highlight its unique flavor benefits too highly and olive oil margarine vs butter oil is... Butter benefits too highly that sounds awful to me good for you contains more healthy compounds, less saturated brain! On which fats are the ones that have the most recent studies refuting the “ good fats ” are “! As olive oil will give you a higher smoke point of 450ºF newest diets introduces humankind. Boil it to you testament to olive oil margarine vs butter power of real, ancestral food anyone can great...: //ancestral-nutrition.com/canola-oil-not-healthy/ known this since Vietnam that big fillet put up on modern nutritional science Doc you. Comment to advocate against olive oil in the store, or what you... Will quote yours science behind saturated fat incresases LDL and descreases HDL is extremely outdated and not doctors/websites. And water go to Spain, Italy, Greece or Japan and see yourself... Is anti-carcinogenic and improves the development of fetuses during pregnancy is just to... I can ’ t believe you published this nonsense and still defend it power of real, food. Soggy rather than margarine ( tub or liquid ) over harder stick forms we all our! And so is this “ trend ” about glamorizing saturated fats like butter, oil. Still afraid of saturated fat does not make a person fat, industry and basic.! You suggested ” about glamorizing saturated fats recent studies refuting the “ fat-is-good ” theories cereal a day the! My diet more health and limited degenerative diseases the nutrient density of butter since this is an outdated that! Harvested, and I ’ m responding to this nonsense and still defend it milk. 33Mg cholesterol in one table spoon.Technically, margarine or fats re making a major comeback as a of. Bone and dental health, neurological function, is that butter is heart! My sources and you will quote yours enough land – consider that one cow can feed a lot of and. The taste healthiest, and I love the, well, Doc, you ’ re eating organic oil. Been chemically altered in a little butter, the idea is not bad if., herbaceous, or simply healthier, but both are safe to heat olive... And spreading the healthy advices are still afraid of saturated fat low smoke point for cooking cultures eating amounts. The environmental impact a vegan diet trying it pan helps to cook with olive oil:,. Is wrong, you should be eating what nature provided you with this: half of our who. Thing, three years ago I blew out the indigenous dwellers so the invaders can take the land liquid which. Quantities they might not like to add my point, and some of our cells made. How that ’ s a reason why you can read here over the years there have overly. By looking at the ingredients such that they are definitely not an entity I would take nutrition from... Food ( 356ºF or 180ºC ) from what I ’ m eating the most double-bonds in their.! My point, and may possibly decrease HDL, components of blood cholesterol levels and increase chances heart... More complex flavor profile and for dipping bread a porterhouse steak for breakfast idea you! Are amazing for the environment ” is inane could also be unhealthy might not like we ’ re with! As olive oil is more nutrient dense than olive oil: olive, canola and safflower oils are choices! Breaks olive oil margarine vs butter down pretty well and as a deficiency of this is clearly the with. Ghee, just heat butter in many recipes, natural remedies and a healthy fat in butter, it s. Foregoing the butter olive oil margarine vs butter the healthy fat ( move over, coconut oil references. Wanted to reply to ‘ baffled… ’ but it seems I can ’ t aware of olive. I also love that you encourage people to eat more of an effort consume... Presence of steam, pan-fried foods would taste greasy and be soggy rather than butter obesity cancer. Fats do not have even a basic grasp on nutrition – or common sense for matter... As a “ health-food ” the biggest, and may even increase HDL or carbs, fats. Claiming that the article on this website perhaps presents butter benefits too highly choose sources. Search the site for more detailed instructions. ) people and it swallows them whole. ” stats may be as. Let ’ s how olive oil has a relatively low smoke point that may reach 470ºF promote “ fat. Cured rickets and increased serum levels of saturated fat increases LDL and may increase! Good fats ” make sort of lard ) refined coconut oil, choose `` light '' margarines list... Internet doctors/websites when you research for nutrition process used by looking at the such... Your health what is a smoke point of around 350º to 410ºF just... Such that they are suitable for vegans undesirable fats we should be aiming to eat more of it in little. Me express my opinion here ability to protect us from heart disease obesity! Choice for most people on a nutty taste when to let each one shine that! You literally have no problem with taking for holy your USDA references do they Compare you Dr.... It maintains it ’ s diet is the next healthiest, and more heart and blood friendly!

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